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2.3 Optional Setup


To make and install the info documentation cd into rinari directory and run the following rake command (you must have super user privileges to install the info documentation).

     rake doc:install_info

To make an html version of the documentation cd into the rinari directory and run the following rake command.

     rake doc:make_html


While ido-mode is not strictly required it is very helpful in combination with many of Rinari functions. Also, the Rinari functions were developed using ido-mode and may not work well in it's absence. For more information about enabling ido-mode see the link below, or to just go ahead and try it out add the following to your emacs init file.

     ;; Interactively Do Things
     (require 'ido)
     (ido-mode t)


To have Rinari automatically update your tags-file-name variable to point to the tags of your current rails project, set rinari-tags-file-name (see Navigation) to the path to your tags file relative to the root of your rails applications.

     (setq rinari-tags-file-name "TAGS")