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1 Introduction

Rinari Is Not A Ruby IDE.

Well, OK it kind of is. Rinari is a set of Emacs Lisp functions aimed towards making Emacs (or XEmacs) into a top-notch Ruby on Rails development environment.

Currently Rinari focuses on the core functionality most everyone would use when working on a Rails applications including...

Rinari does not deal with syntax highlighting for rhtml files (or .html.erb from here on out all erb templated html files will be referred to as “rhtml” files), while all of the Rinari functions will be available from within your rhtml files you are free to chose from the many stand-alone options for editing rhtml files (see Rhtml Setup).

Rinari development is fueled largely by the discussion on the mailing list at If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improving Rinari please take them to the list. The latest version of Rinari will always be available at