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2 Install


Having a working copy and working knowledge of Emacs are definite prerequisites for using Rinari.


Rinari and the Major Modes mentioned below are now available through ELPA (the “Emacs List Package Archive”) see for more information on using ELPA to install Rinari.

Emacs Starter Kit

Available at, the Emacs Starter Kit contains a good default Emacs setup and comes pre-bundled with many useful packages including Rinari and relevant Ruby and web development Major Modes. This can be a good way for beginners to get a jump start on their Emacs setup and for experienced Emacs users to organize their setup and see many new tools they may have missed.

Major Modes

There are a collection of Major Modes which are useful when working on a Rails project (not the least of which is Ruby-Mode!). You might want to check this Major Mode List (see Add Ons) to ensure that you aren't missing anything vital.

Manual Rinari Setup

From here on out

The remainder of this document describes the functions and usage of Rinari in detail. To see all of the functions provided by rinari try C-hb then search for rinari, or M-x rinari-<tab>.